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What Are the Benefits Of Having Dust Control Cannons During Demolition Work?

Demolition work is associated with many dust emissions that can cause various health concerns to people around the work site, including silicosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Dust suppression is, therefore, vital when undertaking a demolition at a construction site.

Dust prevention at a demolition site commonly relies on water trucks and sprinklers. However, dust cannons are available now and are much more efficient when it comes to dust control. Here are some of the benefits of having dust-control cannons during demolition work:

Improved worker safety and health

Dust cannons will reduce the dust emitted during demolition and increase visibility at the worksite. They also help reduce the risk of eye and skin irritation and lower the risk of respiratory illnesses by reducing dust levels. Dust cannons provide clean and cool conditions at the construction site and lower the risk of dust explosion and fire.

They are environmentally sustainable

Dust cannons control the spread of dust particles at the source and around the site. This helps lower contamination around the nearby ecosystems and helps keep the environment clean and safe. They also ensure that the demolition dust from your work site lessens the nuisance and impacts the neighboring properties. Dust cannons also produce low-volume water mist that is more efficient at a work site and avoids oversaturation and runoff, among other residual problems that are often associated with other water sprays. The surrounding areas remain dry and do not feel the effect of the water from the construction site.

Enhanced productivity

Dust cannons enhance equipment reliability and performance at the work sites. By producing lower water volumes, they ensure that they keep the construction equipment safe, preventing unscheduled production breakdown due to the demolition dust accumulating and ingression of the machinery and equipment. They also help boost the workers’ morale by providing a cooler and more comfortable workspace for the employees, hence increasing performance and reliability.

Lower operational costs

Dust cannons consume only a fraction of the costs compared to other traditional dust control systems. They also help lower the litigation risk and any regulatory body concerns, including unnecessary fines and potential shutdown threats. They also ensure lower maintenance and repair costs at the work sites since there is less water and tear of the machinery. Additionally, there is less use of expensive consumable chemicals.

Customized systems

Dust cannons are designed to target specific dust points and help avoid emissions from the source. The micro-water droplets produced provide efficient dust suppression and help avoid any pooling of water that might reduce the performance at the demolition site. Your workers can easily work at the demolition site without getting wet or stuck in the mud. Dust cannons can be customized to the size of your work site. They cater to both large and small work sites.

Dust cannons are among the most efficient dust suppression methods available. They are reliable and produce low water volumes making them much more efficient than traditional dust control systems.

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