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The different types of storage for rent

If you are out looking for that extra space, then first you need to know the type of storage which you require. Try comparing the two options of storage:

Full service storage

It is one which offer the service of valet style to customers. The premise which is behind full service storage is that they are able to pick up you belonging, delivering them to the unit for storage.

Most of the full service storage companies do let the customers to ask and schedule the pick up or return right form their smartphone. Hiring a company  that offers full service storage will save the customer from an extra hassle to have to deliver possessions to the storage unit most of the facilities for full service will take documents and photos and document all you belongings.


The self-storage is the one which is most popular in the market. The facility is able to offer secure, safe, and affordable way of storing belongings from the home as well as large items like boats. When it comes to the self-storage, the customers are the ones which are responsible for delivering their belongings to the storage unit on their own.

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