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Packaging Ideas – To Differentiate Your Product and Win Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty and brand differentiation are the key factors for the growth of a business. Packaging is one of the best ways to set apart your business or brand from others. Even though high brand packaging is time-consuming and costly for medium and small scale businesses, there are few other affordable and simple ways that help to shine your business.

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The following are few packaging ideas that help you in differentiating your brand from your competitors.

Rubber stamps       

You can place your icon, message, or logo on the boxes with the rubber stamp. Select ink that matches with the colors of your businesses or neutral that gives a complete look for your packaging. You can even add signature touch for the documents inside the box.

Branded stickers

They add more personalized touch for your brand within your budget and creates a mark within the customers. With this, they will remember your brand for a longer time. You can make use of custom tapes to give a decorative touch for the boxes.

Print your tape and stickers with thank-you or greeting message or your logo. Also, use them for wrapping interior paper, tease what’s in the packaging, and so on.

Add personal touch

Creating a personal appreciation among customers is the other ways to make your product obtrude from others and to generate the customers repeatedly.

Adding personal touches like non-generic or handwritten note, providing stickers, free samples, or hand-wrapping the products, and some other unique ideas helps to attract your customers and create a brand image.

In addition to the above, you have to take care of essential elements when packing and shipping your products.

They include:

  • Keep envelope or outer box secure when shipping.
  • Use tape or label to close the package.
  • Use bubble wrap within the box that helps to remain your product in the place.
  • Keep additional things like information on latest products or thank-you card, or brand’s card.

Gather little information about the latest things or other branding techniques that will help you to make your brand stand out. You can even order standard packaging boxes online and add few personal touches to it.

Choose a vendor who offers custom printing at affordable price and order your favorite design boxes for your product packaging.

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