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A Comparison Between Cable TV And Satellite TV Programs

Cable TV and satellite TV only has one thing in common, which is that they are both television programming services. They were both radical innovations in the digital era that are still popular to this day and age. Many times, customers have difficulty choosing between the two options.

There are good quality service providers for both cable and satellite TV. AAA Satellite provides satellite TV for business and homes. They are a Kansas-based company providing these services to the whole of the USA since 1984. They strive to provide their best service keeping your needs in mind.

Cable TV vs. Satellite TV

  • Method of video delivery: Cable TV broadcasts programs on television using radio wave signals that are transmitted through wired cables such as fiber-optic cables in the form of light pulses. Whereas satellite TV works by using communication satellites, satellite dish, and an antenna.
  • Installation: Installing a cable TV requires technical assistance usually provided by the cable operators, but a satellite dish can be installed carefully by ourselves keeping in mind that it is must be facing south.

  • Reception: Cable TV has no loss of reception at any time as the whole process is wired. But satellite TV requires a clear path between the satellite dish and the sky. At times of harsh weather, satellite TV reception can be affected.
  • Cost: The prices for both of the TVs are more or less the same. Cable TVs offer basic packages whereas satellite TV offers 200 channels with premium quality making satellite TV more preferable.
  • Availability: Cable TV is available in homes where the provider is nearby and rarely works in rural areas. Whereas satellite TV is available in all places rural or urban with a clear sky view as it uses radio frequencies.
  • Available programming: Cable TV provides basic packages with popular channels, whereas satellite TV offers the same plus 200 more channels. Furthermore, cable TV operators provide local channels whereas satellite TV operators provide channels from all around the world.

  • Bundled services: Cable operators usually provide bundled services such as Internet, phone and TV services together through subscriptions. This makes cable TV cheaper than satellite TV where you must buy these services separately.
  • Contracts: Cable operators offer month-to-month subscription contracts which make the packages more flexible and easier to change. Whereas satellite operators have yearly contracts that are less flexible.


The choice between cable TV and satellite TV depends on your income, housing, and preferences. Thus, while choosing a television programming service, you must compare carefully.

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